Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Year with Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

I can't believe it's been a year

since I signed up for my Scrap Squad position

QM scrap squadB3 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)

with Quiltmaker magazine

This post marks the end of my stint
Scrap Squad 1

As a member of Quiltmaker's Scrap Squad 2013
Scrap Squad 2
with an amazing group of 7 other Scrappers

Scrap Squad 3

Oh,the possibilities that were created by

Scrap Squad 4

 these incredibly creative quilters....
Scrap Squad 5
It was an enjoyable year to get to know my new quilting friends from all over the States.
(I was the only Canadian...hope I didn't embarrass my fellow Canadians too badly!!) 

Scrap Squad 6 - Oh Sew Blue..Gone Batik!

We proved that you can take any pattern and make it your own with just a little thinking!!
My last quilt is Oh So Blue by Judy Laquidara ......

 But mine has gone BATIK!

I decided to make this one with my favorite fabric as a tribute
 a keeper in memory of my experience!

It is crazy to think how a pile of cut up fabric ....

can lead to meeting new friends....

learning new skills....
 like my NEW favorite way to bind quilts.....

with Susie's Magic Binding technique as shown HERE
(I think of you every quilt, Marti!!)
 I am lucky enough to have
one of THE BEST Longarmer's in the quilting world...

as my BFF, Terry Whitman

(she doesn't have a website YEEET...but I can link you up... just leave me a message)

To think, I showed Terry how to thread a sewing machine.... she has far surpassed me!!

Her quilts are as stunning and intricate as her quilting is!!

Terry,left...showing her quilt

and the back....

Ombres jellyroll as a back
If this is your first time here, I hope you will stop in again!!

My therapy group of quilters are called The Block Party

There are 10 of us who meet twice a month to sew and council each other.

Hop on over to sometime!

To read more about the making of my last SS Quilt, click HERE!!
Be sure to enter the giveaway there!!
Thanks to Quiltmaker Magazine for choosing me!!

I appreciated the opportunity!!



  1. My favorite SS quilt of yours is the Christmas one. And that year went by really really fast, heh?? I remember when you told me about SS and it does not seem like that was over a year ago!!!

  2. Great post. It has been a good year. I love seeing all your quilts together.

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