Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hacked 2.0

Well its that time of year again
when you get to hear from your favorite guest blogger.
If mom wasn't on her warm weather rendezvous
what would she be doing?
Road trip of course cause we never stay home!

5 O'clock Tuesday morning
Tim, Jolly and Myself hit the road
It was time to head to Brandon for Manitoba Ag Days
Canada's Largest Indoor Farm Show
Over 540 Thousand square feet dominated 
 by 500+ enticing exhibitors
Nothing sets the tone to the show than being greeted by
550 Horse Power on Tracks
This beauty boasts over 85 square feet of glass!
Remember the crank machine on the tractor buddy seat video?
Well this tractor trumps that!
Go get that treadle up on in there and still have room for the grandkids!
Mom would have been all over this!

Technically a very small grain vac but imagine what it could do in your house!
Portable, self contained 25 hsp Honda with 4" pure suction.
You wouldn't even need to dust!
Following the show a quick drive through Brandon

I would go to university with building like this!

It was soon time to hit the blizzardy road home via Souris MB
It may have been cold but they had warm spirited plans!

Don't forget your masks!

Just imagine it in Hoffman Challenge 2014 fabric

to match that handbag.

Any one up for a road trip?



  1. Oh Justin, I love when you blog for your Mom! A friend of ours who farms a lot of acres, now uses the track tractors. He loves them. They look so funny in the fields.
    I think I would like that grain vac too! Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do.
    Your blustery weather looks like what we are having here in Ohio. Next week, more sub zero temps come in. I think the high on Tuesday is -3! My daughter who has been sailing down the California/Baja coast is flying here at then end of the week. She will be in for a weather shock!!
    Keep posting!

  2. Thanks Justin! I'd take both the tractor and the grain vac. Have a great week.


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