Friday, January 24, 2014

It's a Beautiful Life

Most people who know me would say I live life to the fullest 

Some people have said it looks like I have the perfect life

But I think I make my life what it is 

It is far from perfect

I have tragedy in my life all the time.

In the last couple of weeks, my dog, Elliot was run over
 I killed Winny when I closed the garage door

Got to say, I cried for a week after Winny...still makes me tear 

I think I have VERY good intuition and I follow what my gut tells me.

So last night(we are in Florida), our 'neighbors' in this hotel had a lot of ......

Let's say....unusual activity. They were opening their safe a zillion times all night 

Late night visitors.

That sparked me to book a new hotel for today!

I have tried to talk myself out of this 'silliness' but my gut is saying GO NOW!

So to prevent the possibility of being a character on the next CSI..

We will be on an adventure to a new hotel.

My life is not perfect..
.I am handed a lot more lemons than you'll ever know


I do drink a lot of lemonade!!

Staying safe



  1. So sad to have lost both Elliot and Winny and so close together too. And now trouble with your "neighbours" at the hotel. You'll have to keep making lemonade, even in Florida. I hope the rest of your stay is great!

  2. I think back to my early sewing days and I'd pause to think, "Hmmmmm, this doesn't feel right." But i kept on sewing only to find later that it was wrong. Until a certain someone told me that my gut is always right when I was learning how to paper-piece. I should have listened to my gut while sewing long before! Now who was that girl???

  3. I'm so sorry about both Elliot and Winny. And your hotel "neighbors"- oh my. I'm sure your gut was telling you the right thing. Good thing you listen. Hope the rest of your Florida stay is better/ safer.


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!