Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kids and Quilts??

I've been doing some cleaning.
Trust me, I've tried leaving it for a few more months
But it couldn't wait for 'spring cleaning'
I found a few things. Of which I knew I had but just where.
One of which is a lil' piece of history.
Its not much, definitely used, EXTREMELY used to be exact.
Mom doesn't, er um didn't know I kept it.
She said to toss it but just imagine
If that ragged & tag along piece of fabric could talk.
Would it speak of the  many forts created?
The thunder storms and blizzards it has survived.
Or the many stairs it navigated
Would it be proud of the ten pound it lost
Or the days of a fresh wash & flapping dry on the line
Eagerly awaiting the next nights' adventures.
None the less it has grown up like its owner,
The day of forts, afternoon naps, and early night mischief are over.
Maybe when we both retire we can resume our careless and spontaneous adventures
The kind that will always be remembered.
Speaking of kids . : . : . : . This made me laugh.


  1. What history in this lovely well worn quilt. Not sure if you like or even want this suggestion but you could use it for a cutter quilt. At Christmas I saw a lovely tutorial where someone made Christmas stockings from a cutter quilt and they were beautiful. There are other cutter quilt possibilities too. Just a thought.

  2. Enjoyed this entry a lot, Justin!


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