Monday, January 20, 2014

Possible Olympic Curlers??


My son, Justin asked me if I could make his curling team
 some pants like the Norwegian Team wear.
Sure... when do you need them?
We have very limited resources for fabric around here
 I sent him to Walmart for a set of sheets and some curtains...
These were the sheets....
Kind of sounds like Gone With the Wind, doesn't it?
The yellow/green stripe is the curtain....
And VOILA!!!
3 hours
 one smoking hot sewing machine later....

Their olympic dreams were ready to be achieved!!

Knud,Kenny,Candace and Justin
I think their intention was to put their opponents into a trance...
Candace sporting her TRENDING outfit!
The only thing they won was the Best dressed Team!!
Sounds like it was a good time!!
Arnold and I are going on a cruise so I thought I would give this pattern a try.
It makes a tote that turns into a duffle bag.
I can't find anything on the internet about the pattern
it is called the WOW! bag by The Dusty Attic

I was using two pieces of canvas
 it became too heavy so I started again lining each with a lighter fabric

I used Pure by Sweetwater for Moda
I love the browns and blue(of course)
Isn't this the cutest little tag.. ps.i love you...
That was one of my NYC purchases!

You pull out the center of the tote to make it a duffle bag...
How cool is that!!
Now my only problem is.....

Which one to take???

Got to get packing!!


  1. Arnold can take the brown one and you can take the blue one. Problem solved! Have a great time.

  2. I love the curling team pants. You are so resourceful! They deserved to win "Best Dressed Team!"
    I really like that tote/duffel bag too. You can take both, have hubby pack one!
    Have a wonderful, warm trip!

  3. omg, you are the best mom ever. Those pants are team perfect. Kids are just amazing, they come to us with these challenges and it's almost impossible to say no to them.

  4. Well the Canadian bag, of course!!

  5. That is one Smokin' Bag! Love it!

  6. Justin's team certainly looked like winners!
    Bon Voyage!


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