Friday, January 10, 2014

Time to Think....

My tractor needs some repair in Estevan,Sk which by car is 1/2 hour drive...
by tractor... a 2 1/2 hour drive...
LOTS of time to think at 18 miles an hour!!

With this polar vortex of -30C for a high
 all you can do is cross your fingers that it doesn't gel up on the way home!!
I used to live at this corner when there was a house and some trees still...
Nothing left but some granaries!!!

It was so cold that I left a trail of my own clouds!!!

Yesterday was finally sunny and warm so I decided to tackle some Christmas gifts...
Un-Boxing Day!!
100 pieces and 2 hours......

And Voila!!
A work bench and Cabinet!!

Then it was back to what I really wanted to work on...
The Hoffman Challenge fabric...
I decided to make a purse using my 60 degree angles for flaps...

 to make 3 layers....

This is my inside panels....
My front panel quilted....

and the back....

Beads for a handle....

Not sure what soiree would warrant such a purse...
CERTAINLY nothing in my day-to-day(or night) life!!

 I managed to sneak in....

the selvage edge!!

It's not a winner by far
it was fun to be creative in a different way!!

Now back to regularly scheduled quilting...





  1. Your purse is beautiful Christa. I don't want to hear you lying that you're not creative ever again. It looks like the perfect purse for your next trip to MJ, Regina, Weyburn, Estevan,the quilt shop, holidays .......

    1. Oh you make me giggle this morning, Jaynie!!! Great way to start the day!! I think I was subliminally influenced by Dowton Abbey as I was watching it while creating. I would need the rest of the attire! Thanks for the support!

  2. I love the purse, I couldn't have made it. Did you really drive that tractor for 2 1/2 hours in that cold?

    1. I sure did! A girl's got to do what a girl's got to get the tractor home to feed cows!! Thanks for the support!

  3. Very creative. Love the 3 layers. It is perfect for your cruise.

  4. Great purse! Did you use all of the fabrics? Where is that old farm where you used to live?

    1. Just south of David Steinke's... the old Bergum Farm!! I didn't use all the fabrics...might have to see what else I come up with the remains!!

  5. We were hit by the Polar Vortex too. Who comes up with these names? Cold is cold! Glad you made it to and from the tractor repair station. It is nice to have time alone to think. Sometimes I spend too much time thinking.
    I just LOVE the purse you created. You are very talented and I would not have any place to carry such a fancy purse either. I hope you are acknowledged my the Challenge!
    It is 52 degrees here today and raining. By Wednesday 28 and snow and then Thursday 48! What a crazy winter we are having. Stay warm and safe.

    1. Polar Vortex is not exactly the term I use for this bitter cold... but I am glad we have had a warmer snap this week!! Thanks for the encouragement! We will see what happens in June! Stay warm in this crazy winter weather!

  6. From Shelley Hoium.... Had to post it for you all...

    Hi Christa,
    With that tractor being green (all class) you could just hold your head high,
    place your beautiful bag on your arm and jump in that tractor for Estevan. Wouldn't
    the guys at the dealership be impressed when you sacheted in. You don't need a
    soirée, you are a Saskatchewan girl!

    AND MY REPLY to Shelley Hoium...

    OMG...who knew? It is crazy to think where creativity takes us! I think
    people are always shocked at this hillbilly chick who comes up with
    these want-to-be creations!! I hardly ever even carry a purse let alone
    dress up! Too funny... I can only see the look on their face at the
    parts counter at JD as I take my agricard out of that purse!! Can you
    imagine!! Oh you guys make me laugh!!!

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  8. It looks like a winner to me!
    Anne Wiens


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