Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cathedral Window Tutorial

Here it is...
My finished Cathedral Window Quilt
My first try at a cathedral window quilt! Loving it!!
My journey started
 trying a few different techniques till I found one I liked.
This folding technique seemed the best way for me!!
After making my 'sample'....
I realized I could make this a 'Quilt-as-you-go'!
You will need:
 72 - 10" squares
72 - 4 7/8" squares of batting
72 - 3" feature(window) squares
This will make a 40"x 45" quilt
My 'windows' are Paris Flea Market by 3 Sisters for Moda
That's a winning start right there!!
My sisters..Tannis, Me, and Larissa
I began with a 10" block of fabric...
This will be my back and frames for each 'window'...

Next find the center and fold the four corners in...

Making an envelope-like square and press...
Center the batting in the square.... 
Fold the corners in, sandwiching the batting
 Zigzag from corner to corner tacking raw edges down,
both ways
You could use a decorative stitch as long as it catches the seams
(this will be the front..smooth side will be the back)

 The Zigzag will be seen on the back of the finished quilt
I also pressed the corners to the center to create a stitch line to joing the blocks together
Repeat....72 times!!
Begin sewing your rows....
 Sew 2 blocks together with smooth sides together along edge of batting
The flaps will fold over to seamed  raw edge side
I sewed 8 blocks to make a row

sewing along fold lines, pinning at the intersections

Sew 3 rows together to make 1st section
I found it easier to make this in 3 sections of 3 rows each

Press the flaps so they meet with 4 points to the center

It makes it easier if you baste the corners together

Place a 3 inch square of feature fabric in the center...

fold  the bias edge over...
making sure to catch the raw edges of the 3" square
begin to straight stitch this curve till you get to the corner
Needle down is an assest in making this quilt!!
Pivot and stitch down the next side...

I stitched the top of one row ....

all the way down
 turned and stitched the other half coming back

Continue to work back and forth....

On the ends,
 Fold the 3"  feature square in half, placing fold to the outside edge
straight stitch down

Quilted as you go!!

Finish all 3 sections....

 Join and finish last row of windows in the same manner!!

All outside edges are finished so there is no need to bind...
(unless you want to!!)
(Like my French, Monic?)
If I have left something out
 you have any questions, just ask!!





  1. what a great tutorial! Almost makes me think I could do this! One day...
    thanks for sharing the photos and steps.

  2. Wow you are already done! And it is beautiful!

  3. Wow. Your Cathedral window is amazing. I have the start of one in a bucket, and as soon as I have finished my current quilt I will be starting it. I like the batting step. I have been using a piece of paper in that step and then wondering how I was going to get it out. :D Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your instructions look very clear and your finished result is beautiful.

  5. I really appreciate your clear tutorial. I would like to tackle it, perhaps as a smaller piece because I have so many ideas in the queue. You sure get lots of things done. Thanks for sharing your process.

  6. Holy Hannah! Incredible!!! I cant wait until Thursday to see this work of art.


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