Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Life on the Crazy Farm

Otherwise known as...
Just a day in my life!!
I considered washing some windows since it was gorgeous today
but then I saw this...
I'll be waiting till the mud dries up.....

This was the same window only a couple of days ago...

You can even see my feet in the reflection of the clean window...
(disclaimer-Clean is all in the eye of the beholder...this is my 'clean')
Most days are pretty organized and productive

Everyone just chilling and enjoying life
But today.....
The gas metre guy came.
Still don't have the doorbell on the new garage
I didn't hear him come.
Not sure how long he was here before he called me on the phone.
(that right there, should have been a warning sign)
I discovered him on the patio starting to change the metre.
Of course, Dawson dashed out.
I went back to sewing.
For a moment.
I thought I heard screeching and a commotion but I shrugged it off. .
Not hearing things
I ran down the stairs and out the front door...
(those stairs need to be addressed if they are to be sprinted like that)
SMACK DAB into the gas guy who was coming in to re-light the furnace.
I caaasuuuually try to tell him how to get down to the dungeon
(yeah... the basement needs attention, too... but really?!? who goes down there??)
then ran like a crazy fool screaming at Dawson!!
Two tomcats...
One being... Duracell... were duking it out
(don't let the eyes deceive you)
 Dawson was trying to kill them both.
Ordinarily, she is friends with Duracell...
They spend hours in the sun....

But the moment a cat makes more than a MEOW... they become bait.
Jack Russell are mousers.
They go by sound not by character.
 I can't socialize this dog more than I have with cats.

It is instinctual....if that's a word..

I told my sister about the event and she said she missed the fun...

I said I bet the gas guy wishes he had missed the fun!!

Good gracious...

I wish I could miss the 'fun' once in awhile!!



ps. no critters were fatally hurt in this re-enactment...just my sanity!!

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