Friday, June 13, 2014

Ahhh.... a Rain Day.....

I had a chance to stop in on the Heart and Hands Guild from  Estevan, Sk yesterday.
They are some of my most dedicated readers.
They were busy putting binding on the last project till Fall.
I had a chance to see their raffle quilt which is just like this one Irene Roy made SIX times!!
I am going to have to get some tickets on this one!!
 They wondered what I have been doing since I haven't posted as often lately
The week started with not ONE but TWO rescue missions...
A kitten fell down between 2 studs in the barn wall
 was stuck there meowing like a crazed cat...
Aren't phones great?
 This is how I could see down the hole assess the situation....
Yup....Kitty in need of help!!

Next day.... REPEAT but of course has to be the next stud over...
Can't be where we already had to put a hole in the wall!!

These were Welding glove kittens!
You need good hand protection from the sparks that fly
they have never been touched or have seen people.
Speaking of sparks....
I was lucky not to see any while wiring up a hot tub.
Thanks to Glen, the texting electrician....I couldn't have done it with out him!!

We both live another day without being electrocuted!!

Maryann gave us her old hot tub
after some was ready to be filled!!
Farm water is not that 'spa' like so the quest for great water began..
My sister asked how do you get that much water home??
Like this.....
Step one- Load 1000 gallon tank...

Step 2- Swing by mom's beautiful place...

to pick up trusty assistant, namely MOM
(someone has to hold the hose.... right, mom?)

Off to the Water Treatment Plant for an adventure...


Step 3 - Fill Tank

Step 4 - Drive home safely...This is alot of water and COULD start swaying.
All was good TILL mom SCREAMED
I nearly hit the ditch from panic!!
 A caterpillar was crawling up her leg.
Mom has a bug phobia.
My sisters and I are lucky to be here
the near fatal drives with mom involving a grasshopper and a bee.
TWO separate occasions...
where our lives flashed before us
we tried to get the insects out of the car while mom was driving!!
After gaining control of the truck again, we laughed so hard nearly peeing our pants!!
Step 5- Fill Tub

Step 6- Let it warm up!!

Step 7- Hop in!!
It was sooo worth all the trials and tribulations!!
I also got started on a growth chart for Jaxon.

Chantel filled her inflatable raft and made Jaxon a hot tub of his own! 
Can you believe he will be one on July 3???

He is just about walking!!

I am ahead of myself on this project!!
So that was my week...
(in short hand)
and Miss Van de Woestyne...
 Mom didn't have to ride home wet(almost) from our water expedition!!




  1. With the long days you put in, you will enjoy that tub.

  2. You tire me out with all your busyness. I love Irene's scrap apple quilts. Thousands of pieces and she is certainly the queen of scraps. Thanks for letting me visit favourite quilt shops and shows through your eyes.


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