Friday, June 27, 2014

Kasey and Clayton

I finished the last of repairs on the tractor in this TIGHT space.
This was supposed to go on the end of the parts above.
 snapped off never to be seen again!!
I showed my parts guy this picture...
saying I need this...
He replied "oh - a jesus clip"

I said that's not exactly the word I used as it flew by my head!!!
It was a nice break to attend the AGM for Community Futures
 The Happy Nun in Forget,Sk last night!!

It actually turned out to be a decent evening to sit on the patio...
where I tried a strawberry beer!!
It was surprisingly good!!

The entertainment for the evening was Kacy(17) and Clayton(19).
They are cousins from the Wood Mountain area who sing old time music.

Clayton can really make that guitar sing as well as has a great voice
Kacy has a very soft haunting voice.

They made a great duo!!!
Listen to them by clicking HERE 
I loved their little suitcase full of cds.

Wouldn't that be charming all decoupaged up??
Have a good weekend!!
Hope the sun in shining somewhere this weekend!

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