Friday, June 20, 2014

Sad Times

On Father's Day, Arnold and I headed to Macoun,Sk 
Justin and Eric Van Den Hurk were racing their newly constructed contraption
 in the Bed Races for Macoun Hall Fund raiser.

On the way, we got a call about a plane crash 2 miles from Justin's house.
I haven't felt much like blogging this week
Father's Day was a sad day.
Not for my family
 for my friend, Charlene and her family.
Her son, Brad was flying his father, Phil to a Father's Day breakfast in Lampman,Sk
when they ran into fog and tried to turn around to go home.
They never made it.
Such a sad day.
Charlene is doing incredibly well considering the circumstances.
I can't imagine mourning a son AND a husband.
We lost a daughter 24 years ago.
That was hard enough.
Friends and family have been incredibly supportive.
Loads of food, toilet paper, tissues and drinks have arrived to feed the troops.
Our guild is doing all we can think of to help her through this difficult time
 cleaning her house, bringing food and taking calls whenever she needs to talk.
The sun will shine again.
Happiness will return.
Till then we can only be there for her.
Charlene sent this photo of the double rainbows she saw last night.
I like to think it's Phil and Brad reaching out.
You can read more about this unfortunate tragedy HERE
Charlene is a strong woman and will get through this.


  1. God be with Charlene and all of you as you mourn.

  2. I'm so sorry. Prayers go out for all of you.


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