Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Banner Day

Can you believe it?
Jaxon is ONE!!
Chantel did a great job with making a banner for Jaxon

Hard to believe its already a year ago!!

Jaxon and Grandpa....

This little boy is going to be going places....
He got NOT one.....

But 2 Radio flyer trikes!!

It was a JD green day all around....

The cake was a hit!!
Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our kids 1st birthdays!!
Look at them now!!
Jusitn, Chantel and Jeremy

Where have the days gone??
Happy Birthday, Jaxon!!
We love you!!
G ma


  1. Wow! It is hard to believe your grandson is a year old already. My oldest celebrated his 34th birthday on Sunday the 6th. How can I have a son that old? I'm not that old! Looks like Jaxson had a great time!

    1. It really is hard to believe a year has flown by!! Happy belated to your son!!

  2. Christa,I know this is a long shot but did you cross stitch in the 1990s and had a penpal in England that you stitched a Christmas stocking for? I have been looking at quilting blogs and when I found yours I wondered if it was you,if it is I would love to hear from you again Michele over in England who still stitches and now quilts too

    1. I was pen pals with you way back when!! That is incredible that our paths have crossed again!!! We definitely need to reconnect! How awesome it is that you made the realization!!!

    2. so pleased to hear it is you,have sent you an email


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