Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bear Creek Row Robin

I am so glad I decided to participate
 in a Row Robin 
 with Bear Creek Quilting Co. from Vancouver, Washington
The quilter were from 7 different states.
It began in May and every two weeks we sent out our work.
I themed mine as Halloween...
This was my starter row of pin wheels....

We were teased with sneak peeks from each quilter's row that was added..
I was hoping for some candy corn..
and Witches....
It should arrive any day now and I can't wait!!!

Here are some of the other sneak peeks from the other quilter's quilts...

This was Cheryl's from California...

 It was BY FAR my favorite!!
I love batiks and am doing my next quilt in batiks because of her influence!!

Everyone wrote in the journal for each quilt worked on.
It tells a story in itself for the life given to these works of art!

These were some incredibly talented women

I am honored to be able to be included since I was the only one from Canada 

That Postal Box in Ambrose has been a wonderful thing.
It has been the portal to some wonderful boxes of surprises
I am really going to miss getting these boxes every two weeks.
Stay tune for the day when mine comes!!

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  1. This row robin will be a great keepsake. I can't wait to see it.


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