Friday, July 11, 2014

Make Hay While the Sun is Shining

I must say there are days........
 I can't wait for the sun to set....
So I can head home to bed!!!
Someone should come wash the nose prints off my windows!!
It has been a super busy week with plowing down clover....
I had company that day!!!
The hawks were having a feast of mice!!

and a small plane was spraying crops next to me...

A few times I was sure he was going to land on me...

I think I could read his lips as he flew over each time!!

Made for some entertainment in the field!!

Got a ton of hay cut.....

 baled with Justin manning an extra baler!!

I also taught a class in Oxbow hosted by Shelly Baldwin

 Shelley was recently awarded the  PREMIER’S COMMENDATION AWARD for her work with "25 Little Dresses"
They have made 5000 dresses for this cause!!!
You can read more about her efforts HERE
Shelley had great show and tell for us, too!!

Everyone had a good time learning the easy way to make Cathedral Windows!!

It was a nice break from farming!!

Thanks for inviting me!!
It is always fun to get together with other quilters!!
Back to regularly scheduled programming...
 cutting hay....
ps....Brenda King...look what we found in Crosby,ND!!
Made me giggle!!

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  1. There has been a lot of hay making here too. Today the farmers got their wheat harvested and the straw baled. The wheat harvest is about 10 days late. Everything seems to be late this year.
    I love must learn to make Cathedral Windows using your method.
    Take care!


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