Thursday, August 7, 2014

Next Stop....

Next stop......Bozeman,Mt
Where car washes use solar heated water and natural is the way to go!!
Bozeman is a beautiful town!!
You know you're in cowboy country when even the Coke machine is wearing a hat!!
I sent Arnold golfing and I toured around to all the quilt shops
My favorite was Mainstreet Quilt Co
Not so much for the fabric as the building!!
 It was beautiful!!
I had a chance to try Oprah's favorite drink..
' Moscow Mule'

It contained ginger beer, vodka and lime.
Mighty fine on a hot muggy day!!

We headed over to Dickinson, ND to meet up with Arnold's sister and brother in law.
Anita and Arnold
We dined at The Brick House Grill
and golfed at the Bully Pulpit Golf Course

Well...they golfed while I stitched in the golf cart....

Working on 'Rabbits Love Embroidery'
I even had to go back and search for my needle and thread
Talk about a needle in a haystack...or golf green!!
I heard the views were spectacular on this course so I rode along for the day..

It was breath taking....

Bully Pulpit was rated one of the top 100 courses in the States

The Guys were in the rough....were it is really ROUGH!!

The paths weaved up and around the Badlands....

making for amazing contrast between greens and Buttes

Someone had some incredible vision to make this course!!

It was a good day...

with all of us doing what we love in a setting that couldn't be beat!!

I must say...
 when this snake started to cross the cart path


I was glad I stayed in the cart!!!

I just hollered 'FORE!! Snake coming your way!!'
The afternoon was spent in Medora,ND

Where we listened to the tale of Teddy Roosevelt

in the Town Hall

He had a tragic start to his life with severe asthma as a child and later as a married man.
 His wife had their first child on Feb 12th.
 His mother died on Feb.14 and his wife passed later that afternoon.
His daughter, Alice was raised by his sister.

Supper was a Pitchfork Steak Fondue....

followed by the Medora Musical in the Hills...


This was an interesting use of a grainery!!
It was a much needed rest!!
Time to get ready for Harvest.....



  1. That golf course was stunning! My kind of scenery.

  2. We were two days behind you at Bozeman. Just stopped there for lunch and continued on.


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