Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy Days

I am happy to report that Pat Jones received her quilt....
She loved it!!

I still haven't had time to quilt...
Finished Justin's siding...

Usually Justin's kitties, Hank and Henry are dying for attention...
(pretty sure - she is a Henrietta)

But we must have bored them to death while working...

I am hoping this is the last time I see the top of a bin for the year...

We bypassed the old fashioned way of 'Cattle Driving'

and went with

this option!!!
We were done by 11:30am
 I made it to Quilt Guild(click to see what was going on there) for 1/2 the day

The calves are at the sale today...

The moms are all mooing and mad....

The bulls are nestled in for the winter at Justin's

And the last of the straw has been hauled!!

You know I am sewing deprived
 I think the seeded rows look like great quilting designs!!

Got to start packing...
We leave for Quilt Festival in Houston on Saturday!!


  1. Have fun in Houston and tell us ... and show us ... when you get back.


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