Thursday, November 6, 2014

An Organic Connection

We had the opportunity to see the story of our labours...
Where does our grain from here?

There is an old farmer's saying-

Seed in the dust and your bins will bust.....

Seed in the mud and your crops will be a dud!!

This picture always makes me smile and I have to say it worked!!

From seeding.....

To watching Mother Nature do her thing..... 

to swathing....

and finally combining

It's always a relief to reap what you sow
 make a living for another year!!

There are always so many obstacles between putting crop in the ground to filling the bin!!

Bugs, too much or too little rain, disease, hail

You name has happened!!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to see the journey of our grain!!

RW Organics in Mossbank,Sk gathered up all the players in this game....

RW purchases our wheat and blends...

The miller,Roger's from Chilliwack, BC makes it into flour...

 The baker, Essential Baking Co. makes it into bread sold in USA Costcos!

It was great to see the story of our wheat full circle!!

We are proud to grow good food!!


  1. From one farmer to another, there is nothing more satisfying than the harvest. So much risk but oh so rewarding!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!