Friday, November 28, 2014

Border Creek Station Quilt

Nothing like waiting till there is a little pressure....
I finished this quilt
Stars in the Valley by Border Creek Station
earlier this summer and had Terry Whitman quilt it for me.
Before quilting...
Good thing....
 It is a wedding gift for my daughter, Chantel who is getting married on December 27th,2014!!
I think it's a very fitting color for a Christmas wedding...
I finally got it bound...
(with Suzie's Magic Binding of course!!)
One of the tricks I learned in Houston.....
 Use shelf liner instead of gloves
to move your quilt
 through your machine when working with large projects!!
Thanks,Phillipa Naylor.....that was a great tip!!
I just love the end result with technique....

I definitely will do this quilt again!

The instructions were great!!
Can't you see this in scrappy blues??



  1. I love that quilt. See you later! I can almost taste the chicken ranch pizza!!

  2. Beautiful quilt all round. What a lovely gift!


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