Monday, November 17, 2014

My New 'Horizon'

From Halloween to Fall,
 the days are really ticking away....
The first thing on my list for Houston Quilt Festival
 some Horizon Fabric by Kate Spain


I had all the girls on HIGH ALERT for this new line!! luck...
Look what I found at Pleasant Pheasant Fabrics in CROSBY,ND on Saturday!!!

Tamra had every bolt but one
(which is on back order and I have my request in!!)
It is all hacked up and ready to go...

For Guild on Thursday!!

I am going to make a mini version of Cathedral Ceilings
I may have to get some more for this quilt pattern!!
So bright and sunny...
Just loving it!!


  1. That is a very pretty, cheerful line of fabric. I'm looking forward to your class this weekend.

  2. Hi, Christa! So glad you're enjoying the Horizon line I designed for Moda Fabrics. Please post your creations on my Facebook page! Thank you. Best, Kate

  3. That line of fabric is so gorgeous. I might have to make a trip south! And even a post from Kate herself!! See you thurs.


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