Monday, February 2, 2015

Aunt Marti's Tutorial

Aunt Marti writes a blog called 52 quilts in 52 weeks
I was lucky to be acquainted with Aunt Marti
 we were Scrap Buddies for the Scrap Squad for Quiltmaker magazine in 2013
QM scrap squadB3 QMs 2013 Scrap Squad: Part 1
It was thanks to Marti that I am insanely addicted to Susie's Magic Binding.
I even forced myself to bind my last quilt the traditional way just to break out of my addiction
I am proud to say...I am off the wagon!!!
It is still my favorite way to bind.
Some think it is cheating...but I am ok with that.
Here is a great video on how to do Suzie's magic binding!!!

How about those Super Bowl ads...
We didn't actually get to watch them last night as our trucker was 4 hours late
which meant loading flax in the cold dark night!!
Here are two of my favorites

Fiat Blue Pill
Budweiser's Lost Puppy 


  1. LOL, Christa, I didn't even know Jacob had posted the video! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I'll have to try Suzie's Magic binding. Maybe on my guild quilt.


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