Friday, February 20, 2015

Making Progress

I was just saying how I haven't seen a moose since harvest
Justin spotted these pair of moose in his trees the other day

I love fresh snow...I love seeing the tracks of little critters

Ironic that a cat and a bird have crossed paths on separate occasions 

Back to the insanity quilt... I have the 25 patches finished...
The insanity the blocks finish at 3.5"
there are 263 of these little treats!!

I have a good start on the alternate blocks ...
I think there is supposed to be 264 of them!!

The pattern calls for the comers to be appliquéd on
I am strip piecing the corners on!
We had quilting yesterday.

This Dresden quilt came back from Terry Whitman today for show and tell at quilting 
We think Chris's daughter in law is going to love her grandma's quilt now!!

The petite feather wreaths are adorable in the centers

Totally brought to life with all the feathers and ribbons in the open spaces..

Jane was preparing batting for this quilt ...

Jane always has quite a few quilts on the go
 we are always surprised which one comes back finished
We all went to Crosby for lunch and shop for fabric for a quilt
 we will donate to Stars Air Ambulance this spring.
I will be sure to get pictures of that next week!!
Have a good weekend!!


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