Friday, February 27, 2015

Some Pretty Frosty Mornings....

Calving has been going very well despite the frigid temperatures

-27C but pretty warm at night in the barn

Frost was draping all the bars...

We have acquired new milking machine...

Her name is Vanna.

 She is a 2013 model and seems to be fitting in well.

The extra calves feel like I did 
 eating at Carabbas the first time in Florida...

So delicious but couldn't eat another bite!!

My issue was too many margaritas and bread!!

I keep thinking some cows are out
 it's just our pack of 6 moose that keep strolling by...

I have made some progress on my Antique Quilt
(a.k.a insanity quilt)

I am really not enjoying this quilt. 

That's a first for me in a long time. 

I think it is the monotony of the little repetitive pieces.

All 530 little 3.5 inch blocks.

I already have plans for this little number...

It's a dark closet for a few months...maybe years...

Distance makes the heart fonder right???


I want to send hugs and condolences
 to my friend, Beverly Young whose mom recently passed away.
The sun will shine again... 

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