Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Spring Tea

To think one week ago,
It was cold and snowy when we brought the bulls home to be tested.
Tested how you might say?
Think something along the '50 shades' angle
 you get the picture!!

These girls were pretty interested in the bulls when they arrived!!
Saturday was a lovely day for the tea we hosted!!
Over Sixty quilters came to partake in the fun!!
I would go on but I think Brenda King of Crocus Quilters
Tracey Holzer of our group did a mighty fine job of covering this event!!
So hop on over to HERE and HERE to see how our day went!!
It's well worth the time!!


Monday, March 23, 2015

Minot Quilt Festival

It was a great weekend with friends at the Minot Quilt Show!

The trunk show speaker was Heidi Pridemore of Whimsical Workshop

Heidi walked us through her job as a pattern designer for many of the fabric companies

She was very interesting as she went through her hits (and misses) in her world of creativity 
Many of the free patterns offered by Robert Kaufman, Andover, Micheal Miller,ect
are created by her team at Whimsical Workshop

Her signature quilts are fun characters like these fish and animals..

And has some fabric lines with these fish now.....

The show was a nice mix of vendors....

Something for everyone....

My friend and long armer, Terry Whitman entered and won a blue ribbon for her Alaskan quilt

There were lots of inspiration....loved this one block wonder...

And minis....

I am always drawn to these detailed little quilts...

Such intricate work in small packages....

Sharon Armstrong entered her Bargello...quilted by Terry....

Cute little bags...

Quite the thread work on this tree....

I have always loved the Mexican Star...

Double Check Mark Bargello

A wave of geese...

I can pick our a Judy Neimeyer a mile away!!!

I am always a sucker for any thing blue....

183 Vintage Button Company had an open house on Saturday.
They are not open to the public...more of an internet shop.
These two IRS agents decided to start a button company after acquiring over a million buttons
they purchased from Canada.
These buttons orginated in Toronto and was an incredible sight to take in.

They told Terry and I that we were one of the first people to scour through these drawers in years.

They were so knowledgeable on the history of these little treasures.

I will definitely be looking through my buttons with a whole new eye!!

I was drawn to the metal buttons....

And the glass ones...

I was so impressed with the process of making glass buttons.

Gave me a new appreciation of this art

Maybe in my next life I'll take up this hobby but I don't have time in this one!!

183 Vintage Buttons will be in Glendive,MT
April 25th for the Makoshika Quilt Show.
We had such a good time chatting with quilters from all over.
We even brainstormed with the executive of the Minot Quilters
a possible mini convention of an international scale
North Dakota and Saskatchewan quilt groups.
I think that could be a really fun event...
Going to have to do some research!!!
But for now...
I need to get organized for our own Gathering of The Guilds on March 28,2015
More to come this week!

Friday, March 20, 2015

First Day of Spring

Celebrate....... We made it through another winter!!!

Do something fun this weekend!!

I know I will...Minot Quilt Festival!!

I'll take lots of pics...


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On the Hunt for a Skunk

The trap was set and we caught the right color...wrong critter!!
This skunk has been tormenting Dawson and stalking us for the past week!!

He finally went IN the trap last night and has been 'relocated'
I hope he did not have any friends!!
Jeremy was off today so he gave me a hand to get some grain to the cleaners.
Hard to believe it's time to think of seeding again!
Thanks for the help, Jeremy!!
I feel like I have hardly has much sewing time this winter.
We are going to Minot Quilt Festival in North Dakota this weekend
That purple Sedona Star quilt was my inspiration last year.
I had to do it!!
Not bad... I am on the homeward stretch one year later!!
I have finished my Sedona Star and have it stretched out
ready to sandwich

The back of the quilt....

I am going to use Quilter's Dream Orient batting

It is a combination of Silk, Bamboo , Tencel and Cotton.
It is so silky and soft
 doesn't to leave a crease when your quilt has been stored for some time.
Now to stitch it up!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pierre Cloutier Trekking to British Columbia

A couple of weeks ago when it was -100(ok -45C)....
Justin and I were going to pick up Vanna, the new milking machine.
I commented on how I could not imagine how people used to travel by horse and buggy.
There are not enough warm rocks to make that appealing to me.
Then Justin told me about a guy who was doing that very thing headed to BC from Quebec.
Who would think Justin would have stumbled on him in Stoughton!!

a snap chat pic from Justin
This is a video of the Pierre - the man Justin saw in Stoughton,Sk this week
Pierre started his trek in December,2014.
Published on Dec 14, 2014
Pierre Cloutier is travelling across Canada with his two Belgian horses and his dog. He has two covered wagons, which he built himself. Fully equipped with a solar power and generator to supply power to his signal and 4way lights, also satellite radio. Pierre left St. Barnaby , Quebec and is going to British Columbia. He is relying on the generosity of any farm that can provide shelter and a place to rest his horses along the way. A man with a dream ! Good Luck Pierre !

He has made it along ways by horse!!
Thank goodness the weather has improved.
Quite an adventure.....