Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In the Right Direction for Stars

Our donation quilt for Stars Air Ambulance for 2015

Was auctioned on Monday, March 9,2015

At the Ashworth Bull Sale

It sold for 1500 and is staying with the Ashworth Family!!

On another note...not sure if you have heard about the man from Quebec who is travelling by horse and cart to British Columbia but....

Justin was lucky enough to see him in Stoughton, Sk as he was rolling through!!

Thank goodness the weather has gotten better...can you imagine staying or even travelling in these with the weather we have thought it was bitter and I was in my HOUSE!!

Spring has got to be here pretty mitts have just about ready to be burned!

We had our fifth set of twins today....crazy!!



  1. I saw that horse and wagon team when I was on my way to Winnipeg last week. I noted how unusual it is to see covered wagons. Now I know what it's about. Cool

  2. Congrats to all of you for your beautiful quilt going so high! Worth every penny and the $$$$$ go to such a good cause.

  3. What point is the horse and wagon man trying to prove? Interesting for sure.


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