Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On the Hunt for a Skunk

The trap was set and we caught the right color...wrong critter!!
This skunk has been tormenting Dawson and stalking us for the past week!!

He finally went IN the trap last night and has been 'relocated'
I hope he did not have any friends!!
Jeremy was off today so he gave me a hand to get some grain to the cleaners.
Hard to believe it's time to think of seeding again!
Thanks for the help, Jeremy!!
I feel like I have hardly has much sewing time this winter.
We are going to Minot Quilt Festival in North Dakota this weekend
That purple Sedona Star quilt was my inspiration last year.
I had to do it!!
Not bad... I am on the homeward stretch one year later!!
I have finished my Sedona Star and have it stretched out
ready to sandwich

The back of the quilt....

I am going to use Quilter's Dream Orient batting

It is a combination of Silk, Bamboo , Tencel and Cotton.
It is so silky and soft
 doesn't to leave a crease when your quilt has been stored for some time.
Now to stitch it up!!

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  1. Too funny about your cat in the trap.

    You're not going to be storing your Sedona star anyway. It's too beautiful. A wall, bed, draped wherever.... it has to be visible.


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