Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Spring Tea

To think one week ago,
It was cold and snowy when we brought the bulls home to be tested.
Tested how you might say?
Think something along the '50 shades' angle
 you get the picture!!

These girls were pretty interested in the bulls when they arrived!!
Saturday was a lovely day for the tea we hosted!!
Over Sixty quilters came to partake in the fun!!
I would go on but I think Brenda King of Crocus Quilters
Tracey Holzer of our group did a mighty fine job of covering this event!!
So hop on over to HERE and HERE to see how our day went!!
It's well worth the time!!


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  1. Tracey's photos and mine complement each other well since we were on different sides of the room. Thanks to your gang for hosting this fun afternoon!


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