Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pierre Cloutier Trekking to British Columbia

A couple of weeks ago when it was -100(ok -45C)....
Justin and I were going to pick up Vanna, the new milking machine.
I commented on how I could not imagine how people used to travel by horse and buggy.
There are not enough warm rocks to make that appealing to me.
Then Justin told me about a guy who was doing that very thing headed to BC from Quebec.
Who would think Justin would have stumbled on him in Stoughton!!

a snap chat pic from Justin
This is a video of the Pierre - the man Justin saw in Stoughton,Sk this week
Pierre started his trek in December,2014.
Published on Dec 14, 2014
Pierre Cloutier is travelling across Canada with his two Belgian horses and his dog. He has two covered wagons, which he built himself. Fully equipped with a solar power and generator to supply power to his signal and 4way lights, also satellite radio. Pierre left St. Barnaby , Quebec and is going to British Columbia. He is relying on the generosity of any farm that can provide shelter and a place to rest his horses along the way. A man with a dream ! Good Luck Pierre !

He has made it along ways by horse!!
Thank goodness the weather has improved.
Quite an adventure.....

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  1. He was in Weyburn on Saturday with quite a crowd around him. He seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. Hopefully he isn't in too much snow today ... it's melting fast.


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