Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring is in the Air...

Or at least that's what I am going with!!
Calving has kept me hopping!
I have hurt my knee,
 so treking out to the barn a hundred times a day has been excrutiating.
I thought I was being a baby
when I saw this walker on sale at Walmart yesterday, I seriously considered it.

After x-rays yesterday,
the doc said I must have a high pain tolerence as it is in need of a replacement.

Going to baby it and try to get 50 more years out of it!!
4th set of twins today.
Too many calves not...enough moms!!
This cow only had one
these three think what the's free!!
That cold weather really set a couple of calves back.
They were frozen to the core as was I!!
My helpers are always there to inspect...
So this rapid warmth is such a treat!!
I left my bulbs in this wheel barrow from last year.
I was going to chuck them
 they started growing on their own with no watering!!
That is a sure sign that spring is coming!!

Another is this Cat Conference going on the roof of the shop
I am sure there has been a whole lot of mingling going on!!

I knew we had wild cats but haven't seen any of these before!!
On the quilting front...
I finally got all this little squares sewn together.
This quilt is going for a rest in a closet for a long time.
On to something I was enjoying....
Second last round on my Sedona Star!!!
Loving it!!
If you have a couple extra minutes,
head over HERE to see our Stars quilt....worth the me!!

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