Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Funny Thing Happened

Well at least I could laugh after the fact...

Our hotel suggested we go for supper at Passé Temps...she booked us in for 5:30 and have us a map.  

After an hour of looking I called the restaurant. You got to keep in mind that no one wants to speak English here. 

He tried to direct me. We looked some more.... Still lost. The chef calls me back and says stay where I am. He's coming to get us!!!! Ok. I am at the metro.... Big sign!!!!

20 minutes later..... Nothing.... No one!!!

I ask a street sweeper and with my limited French figured out 2 lights down to the left...

We arrive....the chef is ticked..... Says I didn't stay put....ah yeah I did!!!

We got a waitress who refused to try to understand us  but we did get what I thought I had ordered....

Something with pork 

And Arnold had something with beef....
There were three choices for dessert but she came and told us 'Crepe et Cafe' 

Ok...I don't drink coffee but ok .it looked nothing like everyone else's but what the heck. 

We got three berries and everyone else had a cup or two of fruit 

Then she added on 14$ for her tip. We paid and ran. Nasty little French waitress. 

So today.... I caddied Arnold on the Fairmont Richelieu golf course. 

Other than the extreme hills it was relaxing...

We had a fox following us.  She looked a little like our waitress...angry....

I stayed in the cart. Arnold had traction with his golf shoes... He could always run....

Crafty little fox...

The guy told Arnold only use 6 iron. Not going to the ocean to retrieve the balls 

Even in golf. The French are fashionable 

Everything couture 

We went to Justins hotel for lunch and after 35 minutes of no one serving us we had to go to McDonald's. 
I told Arnold it was his shirt.  It was a rider one.... Just screamed 'I don't speak French' 

Au revoir et Bon soir


Ps even my phone refuses to type French. That took 5 attempts!!!

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  1. Was the food worth the effort?? How much were the golf bags??


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