Saturday, June 6, 2015

Chez Truchon

This time we tried the Chez Truchon for supper..

This house was once the home of a Quebec premier...not sure which one though..

We dined with some of Justins Community Futures board...

All the houses in Quebec are so unique and have character...

This meal was A 5 course meal starting with a purée of vegetables..

A salad of greens and some fried cheese to die for!!!

Arnold had the pate......

Next was French onion had barley and beef in it..

Next was stuffed chicken with mushroom purée...everything comes with fries here.

Not sure why but it does.  The guys started saying everything is fried in duck fat...they could be right!!

And dessert... Why chocolate of course....can't go wrong there!! 

Our waiter was fabulous!! He had been a flight attendant for Transat and tolerated our lack of French so well!! He had a bad shoulder so we aided him with delivery and he aided us with explanation of the menu!!

My mom was family consists of Cyr and abou rasa lineage and Arnold's is Marcotte.  Mo said how we were all in Quebec back in the 1600's. But we early settlers had to continue west to settle the rest of the don't give us attitude because we don't speak French!!! 

Back to Quebec City today!!


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