Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Smile

A couple of weeks ago I found our Lab, Duke dead in the ditch.
He is in Heaven with his brother now.
The cats are sure missing them as they loved to sit on their warm black fur.
Don't know who hit that would change anything anyway...

So like a couple of crazy fools we figured Timber was too lonely


We should find another dog....

So we looked at some border collies

This one.....

Or this one...

What the heck...they both needed a home!!!
My niece asked what their names are.....
For now...Puppies...
Puppies leave that cat...Puppies get out of the garden...Puppies leave those shoes....
But when they listen better....Pepper and Canyon.

This is a little taste of puppy life from this morning.
Let's hope these ones live to be old and happy.
(my heart can't take much more loss..)
If you're driving by my house....Please watch for Puppies.
 I love them as much as my kids.



  1. The only thing better than a puppy is two puppies! Congrats on your new family members.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Saying goodbye to our fur babies is so hard! Congratulations on your new little bundles of furry love!!

  3. OMG! Two border collies ...pretty soon they will be herding the cats!


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