Monday, June 8, 2015

Homeward Bound

With one last day we headed back towards Baie St Paul for the day stopping at a vineyard 

Farms in Quebec are intensive operations  farming on small plots of land. This winery made 35 000 bottles of wine a year off 10 acres of land 

They had a small venue they rent out for parties and serve their wine at the events 

Then we stopped at Dt Anne's Canyon waterfalls

As you hiked through the trails larger than  life creTures greeted you

Along the way....

These Falls were more impressive than Mont Morency Fslls....

This bridge was constructed in 1979 do it seemed so new compared to everything else we have seen....

Justin and I talked about how the first settlers might have been drifting down the lazy river only to be greeting by this sheer drop off. Can you imagine the back peddling???

This was a powerful raging falls

As it narrowed down the rocks...

There were climbers scaling the walls of these crevasses which were super slippery from all thei mist...

What crazy people don't do for fun!!!

Later it was back to our final hotel fittingly called the Grand Times Hotel!!!

It has rained nearly every day which would explain the hostas that were like small trees and the lush green everything!!!

It was a quick dash in the rain to load our first plane on the leg home 

We put 1300 kms on our little rented car I am sure national is wondering 'what  the heck??'
We went from Trois Riviers to Saguenay and everywhere in between. When we asked the tourism booth what we should see we kept saying ..... Saw it... Been there!!!

Quebec is spectacularly beautiful. For the most part the language barrier wasn't too difficult. All those lessons paid off.  
It was great to meet up with friends again , explore new territory and discover revived passion for a love of life lived vicariously
What a great way to kick off the summer season.....


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