Monday, June 1, 2015

Quebec Countryside

Today we decided to go look at local farms down by Trois Riviers,Qc

Stopping at fromagieries (cheese farms)...

Tasting our way through the country side...

This was cool,Mom...

You took a book and left a book...except they were all in French!! Might need to start one in our area!!

The churches in these little towns are incredible. Who needs to go to Europe?? 

The cemeteries have the most beautiful head stones on family plots

With dates back in the early 1800's

And family members up to recent times!!


You'll think we are cheesed out but nope!!

There is ice cream, too!!

Loved these little images for goat cheese...he looks you're going to do what???

The sheep were a little more relaxed about it!!

There was a day lily farm...

A buck wheat flour mill....

Such an interesting process...if your a farmer...I guess!!

It still uses a grinding stone that weighed 8000 lb turned by water force..

Each door contained a different coarseness of flour as it sifted through the chambers...

This mill was built in 1897

Again...I can not say enough about the churches....spectacular!!!

This one was built in 1911

Loved the red doors!!

Saskatchewan really need to up our 'cute' factor. 
There was not a single farm or house while driving 200 Km that wasn't flourishing with shrubs and plants. Houses were painted and immaculate.  

It was like bridges of Madison county but farm after farm instead of bridges!!

The adventure continues...



  1. There are book-lending boxes in SK ... I know of at least one in Regina. In Great Britain some of the old red telephone booths have been turned into book boxes ... a great idea all around!


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