Saturday, June 13, 2015

Some of My Favourite Things

I received some belated birthday gifts this week..
This little box was made by Ken Love out of scraps of ply wood!!!
How adorable!!
And Shelby stitched the card...Love it!!

A little Love for the Loves!!

Then I got this in the mail....
It is Artisan batik 
was a gift from Pat Jones and Laura from the Enchanted Room for sewing Pat`s quilt.
No gift was needed...

It was gift enough that they trusted a total stranger to make the quilt and send it back...

none the less it was a separate country!!!

I was glad to be able to bring some joy to Pat in her recovery!

This was my purchase from the alpaca farm in Quebec...

I couldn't resist...hand spun and dyed and soft as can be!!

What shall I knit???? 

From the sheep store I thought I'ld give these a try.

They are blocks of soap in felted wool. They are supposed to make lots of bubbles and lather. One is lily of the valley and the other is citrus. If only there was smell-o-blogging!!!

At the paperie, I purchased these envelope sets. The impression is there trademark and the paper is infused with purple loosestrife.

I also bought a photo album to document some of my favourite quilts.  

I am definitely a textures person and couldn't resist...

They included a recipe of their favorite crepes....might have to give that a try!

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Art Farm just outside of Weyburn.  This is the first year I have attended.

They did a lot of work and incorporated so many 'farm' ideas into their designs.  There was plenty of signage and did a great job of ramping up your excitement as you drove along the way.

I loved this wall of over 30 faces of the artisans in attendance...

There was some real talent in each tent showing their wares...

I loved the settings placed randomly around the farm...

Things hiding in every nook and cranny... There were photo booths, kids games,all kinds of food in a beautiful farm setting. 

I'ld have to hang this sign if I was to have the droves of people that attended this event!! 

It was nice to see the support.  There was a wall of maps and you were given a pin to insert as to where you came from. I couldn't get a picture as there were so many people!!!

It was a nice change of pace for our area to show case local talents.  The only thing I thought that was missing was maybe a tent of quilts for sale....maybe next year!!

Thanks for the fun and all the hard work that was put in to host this event!!



  1. I loved your purchases from out east.

  2. Aww, I missed you at Art Farm. Glad you went though. My art quilts were there - do they count as quilts?

  3. I love your title for this Christa as I just saw "The Sound of Music" in Stratford and the local chocolate shop had their famous mints for sale "in brown paper packages tied up with string."


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