Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Sewing

Summer is here!!!
My japanese lilac is blooming like crazy!!
I always feel like I don't get alot of opportunity to sew in the summer
A couple of years ago,
 I decided I am going to sew for an hour in the morning each day
(when I can squeeze it in)
So this gorgeous fabric from my friend, Pat...

has inspired me to make another Wedding Star by Judy Neimeyer
I made this one for Arnold's parent for their 50th anniversary
This time it's going to be for ME!!

7 sets of rings....lots more to go!!

On another note....anyone have a dog deathly afraid of thunder??
I sure do....
Dawson blew through the screen when it cracked the other day!!

Like I needed another job to do!!!

I will try to sew in the morning 

Make hay in the sunshine!!

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