Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Weather

A person needs to keep their eyes to the skies these days....
This was my view 2 days ago from my window!!
Thankfully it didn't come down!!
The cherries are ripening like crazy with all this intense heat

We have had some fun times in the orchard with all the little crews who came to pick!!
If you are interested in some just let me know!!
Probably a week or so left!

I have made cobbler and juice
But I thought it might be good to try some cherry vodka
I don't know if it's going to work....

But you can't say I didn't try!!

If your eyes could looks pretty tasty to me!!

I will give it a couple of months....

Maybe it will be alittle taste of summer in October!!

We tried it with crabapples last year so what the heck!!

I finally made time to go kayaking....

with Maryann, Dad and Justin

Dad just got a new kayak so we went to Kramer's Crossing up by Halbrite to try it out.
I prefer to kayak down the little creek
 the water is quickly drying up making for lots of portages
So Rafferty is the next option.
To think this was in someone's yard before the dam flooded the valley...

It was an excellent perch for the birds

It was a great way to beat the heat...

Before another storm rolled in...

Now if only the storm would drop some rain...



  1. Is there room for me in your canoe?

  2. If weather keeps you inside, check out Jill's blog at She & some others from our guild went on a bus trip to the quilt show in Sisters, OR. They had a marvelous time.


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