Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It Happened Again

Years ago,
we found a batch of kittens who had lost their mom.
They were in rough shape,
 so we brought them in to clean them up and start to feeding them
Our Border Collie, Kelsey was a loving dog
 took the kittens over
She had never had a litter of her own
 started lactating and nursed those kitties into good health.
Fast Forward 20 years....
Since we got the pups at the beginning of June,

Our cats have high tailed it into exile....
Except this little buckeroo whose mom took all his siblings but him
After much work he has finally gotten friendly
 comes for his kibbles every day
But who knew....
Our new Border, Timber has fostered this kitten!!


No wonder Buckaroo is doing SO well!!
Only on our farm...

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  1. Our basset hound did that years ago too. Both were pleased as punch with the setup.


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