Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mariners Compass..Finish #2

This was the quilt that Pat Jones and I agreed was going to be our next project
Pat had her stroke.
Pat with her Glacier Star
The Mariner's Compass by Judy Neimeyer

Crazy to think I finished this one and Pat's Glacier Star last year!!

This quilt is alot darker than I care for but none the less....

It's done!!
I wonder why blue and browns are my favorite color combos??
We are in full swing with harvest...
Blue skies and Brown fields
Swathing is happening...
The auger is in the bin....

Nearly time to combine!!
That's when I like to look at GREEN!!





  1. Pretty quilt,don't see enough complex Mariners compass quilts. Good job.

  2. I like the dark, its beautiful, Christa.


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