Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sedona Star Finish

I recently finished my Sedona Star....

I had to wash it so it looks pretty wrinkled and pictures aren't doing it justice!!
This was a Block of the Month in 2012
Ricky Tim's Quilt Show

The designer is Sarah Vedeler

You know my ordeal in the early conception of this quilt -
(If you don't -  go HERE to get a little back story on it - I have made amends with the husband)
This is one of those quilts that definitely has a story...

I was originally going to do it in Bright Batiks
 just couldn't find the right blends....

So I decided I was going to use some of my absolute favorite fabrics in my 'Collection'
That's what Ricky Tims told us at his Retreat this Spring....
We are collectors...Not horders..
like antiques but fabric!

I decided to quilt this one myself on my little old sewing machine.....

My shoulders were screaming and I started wondering WHY I hadn't sent it to Terry???

But I pushed on...
As Ricky would say...
It's not spectacular but it is as good as I am RIGHT now.

I never dreamed I would meet Ricky Tims...
let alone while I was working on a quilt once featured on his site!!!

I may put more quilting on it
(when I get shoulder strength again)
I love the look from the back with the sun shining through...
I can not stress enough...if you EVER get the chance to see Ricky Tims...
He was so inspiring and encouraging.
Quilt for fun.
Enjoy it.
Love each step.
Dont like where it's going....change it or move on.


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!