Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Plenty to be Thankful For

It was Thanksgiving in Canada over the weekend. 

We have had our fill of turkey that's for sure!!
It was great to spend some time with family,
 playing cards and lots of laughs!!

On the Farmer's Wife front.....

I got a few more blocks completed...

#24 Coral

#91 Sarah

The blocks have been picked from easiest to harder 
I have to say if these are the 'easy'....YIKES!!
I decided to do a couple ahead of time so started with....

#1 Addie

#2 - Aimee

These blocks are 6 inches.

There are a TON of pieces in each block!!

I started using templates but have switched over to paper piecing.

Way too many small pieces for me to do it any other way!!

Head on over to see Tracey's blocks

She is doing them in Kim Diehl fabrics for a totally different look!!


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