Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beginning to Look alot like Christmas...

The first snow has started to fall in our area
THE best tool to deal with snow is my LEAF BLOWER!!

It cleaned the path and hot tub off in no time flat!!

I am so glad it waited a day.

We pregchecked cows yesterday and it was FREEZING!!
(I make great use of that hot tub)

I have been trying to find time to get to the Christmas gifts I am making!!

 A few bracelets with  beaded Kumihimo....

A receiving blanket for the new babe on the way

I put on little tab in one corner. 

I may have to go back to New York to get some more!!
(always a good excuse to go....don't you think??)

Missouri Star tutorials are amazing!!

On the Farmer's Wife front....

A special girl.... Heather
(my mom's name AND our most loved featherweight "dealer")
I think her number should be 24..don't you mom?

44 Iris

39 Grandma

50 Lady

93 Starlight

90 Sarah

Some of these are pretty wonky but I am sure will be fine in the end.

These are some serious paper piecing!!

Our retreat starts tomorrow!!!

We are going to Circle Square Ranch this year.

Brenda Jones sent me her fortune...

I think she got the right cookie!!
Going for a rest...



  1. I'm coming to NYC with you. Name the day!

  2. I'm coming to NYC with you. Name the day!


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