Sunday, November 15, 2015

Farmer's Wife Quilt...Part 2

 Some of the essentials in my tool box......

 for Paper piecing these Farmer blocks...

Crayons, Lint Roller, and a pad of Doodle paper!!

The paper is bigger than 8 1/2 x 11 
 I just rotary cut it to size

Much cheaper at the dollar store than the quilt store!!!

These are some of the next blocks I have completed.....

 97 Tracey...

25 Crystal
(closest thing to Christa)

26 Daffodil
(I made it Iris)

27 Dinah

29 Doris

30 Em
(84 for TINY pieces in a 6' block!!!!!!!!!!!
 So just squint at the not so perfect piecing)

33 Farmer's Wife
(my favorite as of right now)

34 Fern

35 Flora

49 Katherine

76 Nancy

77 Nellie

98 Viola

99 Widow

I think I have 49 blocks done out of the 99.

Getting there!


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  1. My favourites are Widow and Fern. I haven't used any of my background fabric in my blocks yet and after seeing yours, Im wondering if i've made a big mistake?? No going back now, though and I'll stick with my decision, but I'll always wonder.


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