Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Cheer to All

The snow has fallen...
A little too much for baby Duracell's liking!!

The gifts have been wrapped...

Some even got opened!!
Thank you, Maryann!!
I love my chicken potholders and their pottery bowl nest!!
(Maryann is ridiculously talented)
You spoil me....

They are laying on a stash of delicious chocolate eggs!!
The house is decorated...

Again... My standards are much lower than Maryann's 'decorating'.....

The ham buns are ready to be toasted...

Peppers and Turkeys are stuffed...

Let the festivities begin!!
(I think I hear a cranberry and Disaronno calling my name)
Hope you are surrounded
 family and food during this Christmas season!!
(and throughout the rest of the year!!)
Merry Christmas

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