Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Goooooing to the Chapel,

and....I'm..... gooing to get maaarrieed....

Ok...not me.....

 but that song plays in my head every time I have a quilt ready to go to Terry's

This quilt was a rush order.

Justin's friend announced on FRIDAY


 he is getting married on New Year's Eve!!!!

So I started with a couple layer cakes of Jet Set by Wilmington
make the same quilt I made for Chantel's wedding last December.

I love Stars in the Valley by Border Creek Station

It comes together pretty quick and the instructions are spot on!!

I think I need to ask Santa for a new iron board cover!!
(but then just means I have put it to good use!!)

I love the shades of grey to black

It started to take shape quickly

For added punch I bordered it in red...

So it's off to Terry's bright and early today...

Squeezed that quilt in just in the nick of time!!

If you haven't stopped by our guild blog lately 

click HERE to see the rest of our gift exchange and Maryann's house.

It looks like something out of House and Home Christmas edition!!

With the frost and dusting of snow,
it will make for a beautiful Christmas!!

My friend recently sent me a picture I had cross stitched for them.

I had completely forgotten about these cute little bunnies.

After all, it was back in 1989.

Seems like a lifetime ago....

The years just keep flying by!!

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