Monday, December 14, 2015

Working on Christmas Gifts

I was a little sidetracked with Farmer's Wife QAL
I am FINALLY done my wedding star quilt.

I only had enough fabric left to scallop two sides so I am calling it done!!

Even Dawson looks wiry of looking at this one!!

I am getting very good at extreme chain paper piecing!!

Crayola is very creative.....

I saw these little tins in Crosby, ND

You buy the tin and fill it with the colors you like

Since coloring is all the rage these day for young or old!!

I started making some Christmas gifts......


The snap bags using pieces of measuring tape to make the 'snap'

Once you get it all organized they sew up pretty fast...

I am making some larger ones from some Sweetwater Fabric

This was a little challenge panel,

 I thought would be better sewn up as a bag for Jaxon's gift.

Not bad for 2 bucks!!
(which I think I still owe Jane for)

These are some little Zentangle books
made from
tags and a snowflake T-stud...

Zentanging the first letter of each person's name to get them started!!

I hope they are inspired to give it a shot!!

There are no wrong moves!!

Better keep going...




  1. I love your snap bags, Christa! I've been thinking of making one, but now maybe not until after Christmas. Anyway, this is the first time I've seen the little pull tabs on the side. They make so much sense!

    Where did you get your pattern, or did you make it yourself?

    Your quilt is stunning -- beautiful!

    Nancy (ndmessier @

  2. Beautiful Bali wedding star, Christa


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