Monday, January 18, 2016

Aaaaah Carabbas!!!

After docking back in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday 
Along with NINE other ships!!!!!!
We headed over to Orange Lake Resorts to our condo for the next few days
It's a fabulous place 
Could have brought the whole family....
Even two full baths!!
Then it was over to Carabbas where they make THE best margaritas in the WORLD!!!!
Today I was out looking for some quilting inspiration.... Thought this was some kind of sign....
 So I headed to Wandering Stitches in Orlando. 
There were a few cute things but nothing I had to have.... After all I already had to buy a new suit case so have to reaaaallly think of how bad I need it!!!
I saw this truck today...maybe Arnold has a little side line I don't know about to make up for our failing dollar?!?! Maybe that is my inspiration!! A way to afford a long stay in Florida!!

I hear it's been ridiculously cold at home 

am so going to freeze!!


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