Sunday, January 31, 2016

Heart and Hands Sewing Day

Our Guild was invited to sew with Heart and Hands on Friday
Where there was a whole lot of quilts being finished!!

Thank you for the invite!!
We had a great time!

Eileen showed a little demo on how to make Delectable Mountains

She made it look so easy,
 I am going to try it as a border for my Farmer's wife Quilt

Thanks for the tip on how great the pizza at RobbinBobbin's is, Patrice!!!
The Calzones were incredible.

The cook even came out to see if we enjoyed it and we gave him all our praise!!
And remember this guy with the purple featherweight??
My friend, Shelby was at Road To California Quilt show
 a week after
I was at World Quilt Show in Orlando and took his picture.
It was more about the machine but he insisted on being in it....

Shelby recognized him from reading my blog
him how she knew of him.
I think he was feeling stalked!!!
It really is such a small world.
Hope your weekend was great!!

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  1. Ummm, I think you forgot your FW quilt in this post.


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