Friday, January 15, 2016

San Juan

The streets are a beautiful shade of blue cobblestone that are centuries old
Rather treacherous for my way of walking but gorgeous none the less. My knees are still in tact so far!!
The architecture is a mix of centuries old buildings 
This was our tour guide Thomas
He was lots of fun and loved his city 

It was a good thing we hit the cobblestone early as the streets were filling up fast for the San SebastiĆ”n Festival. 
Our golf cart could whip in and out of the narrow streets pretty easily 
The colors are incredible
The banyan trees are humungous 
This little yellow building is the smallest apartment in the world records. It 8 feet wide and two stories high!!
We had a great time touring...

We stopped for a beer on a patio...
Then a visit to Sr Froggies...
For a margarita to bring on the ship....
But discovered we had to drink it before boarding!!!! Let's just say Captain Morgan got the best of us!! 
We were functioning again in time to catch the sun going down!!!

Turks and CuraƧao next....
Or as our Italian Captain says Turds and caca islands!!!

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