Friday, January 15, 2016

St Kitts

At St Kitts we hired a taxi driver named Martin to take us around the island 
 For a full day of fun
We never saw a cow but lots of goats chickens and cats
It was up to the rain forest....
To Romney Manor, an old sugar plantation that is now the home of carabelle batiks 
This tree is said to be 600 years old!!!
The colors of the houses are so bright and beautiful 
Inside they demonstrated how the process of batik starts 
First applying the wax....

To the drawings
And adding up to 9 layers of color
To create beautiful pieces of fabric 

I loved all the colors 
But you guessed it... I bought blue!
The lines were hung with all kinds of color 
Looked like our dyeing day with Anna Hergert

This was the uniforms for Carabelle
Then off to Brimstone Fort 
The climb was as steep as it looks

The view was spectacular

It's incredible to think how these forts were constructed and are still in immaculate shape 

Arnold said he was not game to real my fall on the way down 
It was a successful decent....
And back home for the day!!
I love San Juan!!!

St Kitts tomorrow...


  1. I went to a batik manufacturing place in Malaysia once and the process was amazing. I used to create batik as art, but could never get enough of the wax out to use the pieces for quilting. Are your bikini photos going to show up soon???

  2. Another thought: perhaps the Torquay/Weyburn ladies should have a batik day sometime.


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