Wednesday, January 13, 2016

St Martens

First stop was St Marten
Where we were greeted in port to my favorite color(next to purple) blue seas....
This island half French and half Dutch governed by two separate governments 
We went back to Orient beach but it was pretty churned up 

Still beautiful....
Then over to the beach where the planes land over top of you
It's a bird ....

Nope....that's a plane!!!!
And another .....
You are blasted with sand and jet fuel!
The local bar had all kinds of rum concoctions but our driver said they were nasty from sitting out in the sun...
As I walked by this sign I thought it said organic bbq ribs but apparently they are ORGASMIC! 
Then it was onward to tour the rest of the island 

With a quick swing through the shops! 

Even went to Rays,Lori!!!

I never get sick of these turquoise waters!!

St Kitts is next!!


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  1. Probably won't see ocean until this summer so I'm happy to live vicariously through your blog. Have an amazing time.


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